Why “Go Sober?”

The phrases we most often hear with sobriety are “get sober” or “got sober.”

“I’m getting sober.”

“I got sober.”

“I want to get sober.”

When we use this phrasing, we’re inadvertendly making “sober” a destination. A place we are working towards, arrived at, or hoping to visit someday. But the thing is: sobriety is a journey. It is something we work towards every day. Sure, some days might be easier than others, but sobriety is not a fixed point. No matter how much sober time we have under our belt, sobriety is something we must work for every day. Even seasoned sober folks will tell you the most important time is this 24 hours, because sobriety is something that we work on one day at a time.

“Go sober” makes sobriety into an action, something we are actively working on. It gives us motivation to start, not someday, but today. This phrasing doesn’t care how many days you have or how many times you may have fallen off the wagon, nor does it explicitly define what sobriety have to look like (psst, it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” approach). It reminds us to work towards a healthier way of being, one day at a time.

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